Unlimited gym and classes with no restrictions.

That’s right, as a member you have full access to our gym and all classes. We have a well equipped gym and over 40 weekly fitness classes so there should be plenty to keep you busy.

Cycling, Kettlebells and Ropes & Reps are the only bookable classes.

The last thing we want is for you to miss out on your favourite class, for this reason we suggest you book for all cycling classes, Kettlebells and Ropes & Reps to guarantee your space. If you are a member booking is easy - simply visit our website; www.fitness2000.co.uk, click ‘book/cancel class’, enter your surname and date of birth, and book any class for the next eight days. From here you can also cancel classes and check your bookings. Please cancel any classes you are unable to attend. If technology is not your thing or you are a non-member then don’t panic, you can book or cancel classes at the club or over the telephone. For any other class, just turn up.

It’s class time, now what?

Simply visit the reception, state what class you’re attending and you will receive a class pass. Relax in the reception until your instructor announces the class you’re attending, then join the crowd and head to the studio. Please refrain from entering the studio before the announcement. Your instructor will collect the class pass from you so please keep it safe until such time.

Unlimited exercise and nutritional support from our trainers.

Anytime you feel you want to shake things up a little, book in for a re-programme, motivational session or even a chat about nutrition. This is completely inclusive in your membership so please take every opportunity to get the most from our trainers. Simply visit reception to book yourself an appointment. If you don’t need an appointment but just have a question or two, feel free to ask a trainer any time and they will be delighted to help.

Need a tan to go with the body?

Having a tan can make you feel great, and also getting your vitamin D is a must. We have a ‘Power Tower’ sunbed located from our reception. Grab a price list from reception and see receptionist to purchase your minutes. We also stock various lotions and creams to help protect your skin and accelerate your tan.

Organic coffee, grass fed whey protein and healthy snacks.

It’s not just about the exercise, nutrition is vital too. We offer a variety of in-house made nutritious snacks and serve the highest quality whey protein shakes made from grass fed cows. If you need a pick-up then we have the best Peruvian coffee, organically grown to the highest possible standard. We also stock a variety of supplements for overall health, muscle building, energy and much more.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about us.

We have feedback boxes in the ladies and gents changing facilities, and on the gym desk. Please, if there’s anything at all you’d like to say, be it good or bad, we’d love to hear it. 

Our aim is to offer you the finest health club where you love to spend your time. For this reason we kindly ask if you can follow these simple do’s and dont’s to make everyone’s experience a great one.


Keep everywhere clutter-free.

Please store any valuables in a locker. Never leave personal items on/behind the desk or on the gym floor. We cannot accept responsibility for any personal belongings that are damaged, lost or stolen whilst on the premises.

We all get a little sweaty when we workout.

It’s good to sweat, however please be aware of your personal hygiene and body odour.

Work hard but don’t kill yourself.

Always workout within your capabilities. Please bring with you anything you may require such as medication, inhalers, epi-pens, etc.

Drink, drugs and exercise don’t mix.

Never participate in an exercise session whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Mobile phones are a huge part of our life.

Please be considerate of others when taking or making a phone call. Please silence your phone or turn it off during classes.

Please share.

Avoid reserving machines or equipment with towels, clothing, drink bottles, etc.

Be kind to our floor.

Please do your very best not to drop weights - there really is no need.

Be considerate of others.

Kindly refrain from swearing, yelling, grunting, singing, etc. This can be offensive for people around you.

Don’t scare people.

Please avoid aggressive or intimidating behaviour at all times. Anyone caught behaving in this manner will be asked to leave immediately.

The gym is for working out, not pigging out.

Please don’t take food or open topped drink containers into the gym or studios.

Three’s a crowd.

Keep groups to an absolute maximum of three where possible. Any more can lead to congestion and disruption.

Dress appropriately for your workout.

Wear comfortable clothing and suitable, clean footwear. No flip-flops, open-toed shoes, work boots or jeans. Please remove all loose fitting jewellery prior to commencing your exercise session.

Nobody wants a workout before they start.

Please unload machines and barbells, and return dumbells and other equipment to it’s original place after use ready for the next person.

Nobody likes other peoples sweat.

Please wipe clean any benches or equipment after use.

You’re in the gym, not on the beach.

Please refrain from removing your shirt and exposing your bare body whilst on the gym floor.