Sunday 23 October. 13.00 - 17.00.

We all have the potential to experience much greater levels of well being than we probably realise. What is commonly known as ‘Awakening’ or ‘Enlightenment’ could be considered the ultimate state of well being. It is a fundamental shift in our relationship with ourselves that brings us to deeper and deeper levels of freedom and peace, an awareness that we are not separate, discrete individuals, but part of a wonderful, rich and diverse whole. This shift is not something that only happens to exceptional people, but is accessible to all of us.


This workshop is a practical introduction to non-dual awareness, meditation and the possibility of awakening. Using a variety of awareness exercises and meditations we will explore the nature of the mind, going beyond our beliefs about ourselves and seeing what the true nature of our experience is, and what Awakening or Enlightenment really are. 



Jonny Baker has been practising meditation for nearly 40 years - having discovered Buddhism and meditation while he was at school. He lived for 20 years as an ordained Buddhist minister and taught meditation and Buddhism throughout that time in the UK and India. Having left the Buddhist Order he lived within for so long, he is no longer part of any organisation, but chooses to teach the practices that have so profoundly affected his life. Recently he has primarily been teaching classes and workshops in mindfulness and non-dual awareness to individuals and small groups in the UK, India and Thailand.

£30 - Including refreshments. To book email: