The best gym ever has got to be FITNESS 2000!
— Lisa Roper
Can’t speak highly enough of this gym. Friendly staff, and very well maintained and run.
— Jon Regester
Great place to workout and I would definitely recommend getting a membership here because of all the amazing classes and great equipment to use. I just finished my second training session today with Luke and it was great! All the staff including Luke helped set me up a fitness programme to get toned. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. My boyfriend and I have a couples membership and we are looking forward to going to the gym together and attend some of the classes too. P.S. Reception is always filled with wonderful smells coming from the café!
— Elizabeth Jean
Very good gym - I really love and thank you for the support and all staff have been amazing.
— Vania Santos
When I first joined I was quite nervous as it was the first gym I had ever been to but I soon felt comfortable, and all the staff are very friendly and polite. Love doing the cycling classes and enjoy using the gym too.
— James Rachel Walker
Great atmosphere. Very friendly staff. Very professional. Great coffee too.
— Dale Farrow
Awesome people working there, awesome instructors. Gym workout spot for when I get back to Great Yarmouth.
— Mauro Lopes
This is a fantastic gym, great customer service and happy staff.
— Gemma Dean
Your gym and fitness studio stands out and you are your staff are miles ahead of the competition.
— Gary Gallant
Great gym, fantastic staff and great cafe.
— Paula Hardy
Great gym, great staff, great atmosphere.
— Gary Durrant