Here you have the best of both world's with these two fantastic instructors. kelly and Sue alternate every two weeks.

Kelly explains her Rhythm Ride class.

This class is a high energy, calorie burning workout to motivational music to help keep you going that extra mile. Burns fat and builds stamina whilst having plenty of fun along the way. It can also be a great stress reliever, and is a class where you can meet people and socialise.

Sue explains her Rhythm Ride class.

Riding to the rhythm to some great tunes, you'll use resistance to keep to the beat, work your legs and stabilise you core. Whilst you change speed from slow, heavy climbs to speedy sprints, you'll incorporate upper body movements to work your core muscles, as well as your legs to increase your heart rate for a calorie burning, stamina building, super fun workout.

Have a look to see what you will be focusing on during this class.

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