It's all about you. Find something you truly love and the results will follow. Dragging yourself unenthusiastically into the gym because you feel you have to is our pet hate. We guarantee to ignite you passion for health and wellbeing, and support you every step of the way. 



Our gym is a beautiful, airy, naturally lit, modern facility.

We have a variety of cardiovascular pieces including treadmills, arc-trainers, bikes, rowers and arm-bikes. We also have a full range of resistance equipment, cables, olympic bars, olympic platforms and free weights.

We pride ourself on having instructors of the highest quality. Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are continually updating their skills and receiving further qualifications.

Members are entitled to free re-programming, nutritional support and motivational sessions.



Try something new in our functional area and experience fantastic results.

This area is perfect for crossfit style/functional exercise. Offering a variety of TRX suspension trainers, fit balls, medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbells, olympic bars, bumper plates, vipers and hydro bags.

In this area there is plenty of extra floor space for body weight exercises, floor work, skipping, olympic lifting, stretching and much more. 

Our instructors are always on hand to help, educate and support you.